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Pregnancy Test

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Pregnancy TestPregnancy test is done to check if a woman is pregnant or not. It is a simple test and requires blood and urine sample. It can be done at home and takes less than a minute or two. Pregnancy test in Gurgaon can be done by asking for a kit online from Next Door Lab sitting at home. Various kits nowadays are available. For this test, urine sample is mostly taken and sometimes blood sample. The test can be done easily at home by buying kits available for home test and visiting doctor for the same getting the hCG levels checked. hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is the hormone produced when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus and it is secreted by the cells which will later form the placenta. In the urine, it can be detected after fertilization from 6 to 14 days. Its level rises very quickly, especially in the first few weeks. It was discovered in 1930 and it is a reliable marker for pregnancy. The first home-test kit was introduced in 1968 in New York by Margaret Crane, for which she was granted two US patents. By the mid-1970s, the kits were on the US and Europe markets.

Test at home: a wide range of kits are available today. They are simple to use, cheap, convenient and private. It is simple to use the kit. Just follow the instructions given behind the packet and perform the test. There are two types of kits available. One uses the method of dropping 2--3 drops of urine in the hole provided in the slide with the help of a dropper (provided in the kit) and wait from few seconds to 1 minute to see lines; one line means negative result while two lines mean that the result is positive. Other kit utilized technique of litmus paper; collect urine in a cup, dip the strip in it and wait for 1--2 minutes to observe the color change on the strip. This test at home should be done on the first day of the missed period. The first urine of the day is preferred for the test. Positive result means you are pregnant. The line is dark, light or faint is not a sign of negative result – it is positive. A false-positive result is obtained in very rare cases. This means that as per the test you are pregnant but actually you are not. This means there is some protein or blood present in your urine; taking drugs like tranquilizers may also cause this result. If the result is negative, this does not necessarily means that you are not pregnant. Try to take a test again after three days. This double check will help in assuring the result. If both the tests give different results, better call your doctor and get tested. A false-negative test means that you have gone for the test too early. Wait and retest.

Test at clinic: blood sample is taken by the doctor and examined for the hCG levels. It is less common than the urine test. About after 6--8 days of ovulation, the blood test can tell if you are pregnant or not. It is of two types: qualitative and quantitative hCG tests. The first test tells if the hCG is present or not. The second one reveals the exact amount of the hCG in your blood; even very low levels can be detected. Additional benefit of this test to the urine one is that with the amount of the hCG level, the problems associated, if any, with the pregnancy can also be tracked. This test helps in detecting the rapid fall in the hCG levels after the woman had a miscarriage.

Waiting for a week at least can help in providing the most accurate results. Also the first urine of the day on the first day of the missed period can give even more accurate results. Urine pregnancy tests at home are 99% accurate. But blood tests are more accurate than the home tests.

Computer programs are also available nowadays to help calculate the probability of being pregnant. They use accurate algorithms which are based on probability theory. These applications are available on mobile phones, web pages and computers. Being accurate yet they fail to give accurate results and cannot replace the real tests for pregnancy. Therefore, use this application just like an additional information source and not more.

The pregnancy symptoms vary with women. Very few are lucky to skip all of them. Many experience these symptoms few weeks before and many within the days of conception. Mostly the following symptoms are likely to occur once implantation occurs, i.e. 8--10 days from ovulation. Also to not forget that many of the following symptoms mentioned are similar to those experienced before menstruating. A longer luteal phase combined with high temperatures is a key indication to pregnancy. Symptoms of pregnancy include shortness of breath, feeling tired/sluggish, headaches, sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea, backaches, food aversions, cramps, bloating and constipation, mood swings, super smell, elevated basal body temperature, fainting/dizziness, spotting, missed period, heartburn and finally positive pregnancy test. Important to note of all the symptoms mentioned above is that the best results could be obtained after missing periods.

During pregnancy, all you need to do is stay relaxed and calm. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Exercise regularly as prescribed by the expertise.

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