Natural Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Natural Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Who does not want a glowing and flawless skin? Do you know one? Actually, all of us want to have shiny, glowing and attractive skin but do not know how to have it and mistakenly load our skins with expensive skin products loaded with harsh chemicals. We do not know that naturally also it is possible to have such skin. In this article, you will find out how to keep skin healthy naturally because we know no one likes pimples, acne, dark circles, discoloration and a dull complexion. The plus point is that skin texture of all is different and not all products are suitable for every skin, but the following tips are for all. You will be left stumbled if you practice these tips for few weeks, we bet!

  1. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration not only affects your internal systems but also your outer appearance. It occurs due to lack of water or loss of water and electrolytes via perspiration, evaporation and urination. This makes your bodily functions to work less optimally. This will also reflect on your skin, making you look more flaky, dull and loose. Drinking water will help in clearing of impurities from your skin. It hydrates your body and removes dirt and oils not required. Our skin is made up of 15% water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will give your skin a bright and noticeable change, in less than a week. It helps your skin to get rid of wrinkles and dryness.

  1. Have a rainbow colored plate of food

Free radicals are produced in the body, which also damage your cellular structures, as they cause oxidative damage. To fight off all free radicals, incorporate more varieties of antioxidants to your plate. Antioxidants fight with these free radicals and prevent any oxidative damage. Fresh fruits and vegetables of different colors provide you with wide variety of antioxidants. Try now!

  1. Limit your exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is necessary for vitamin D production. This vitamin is necessary for all and can be obtained in the early morning hours. But staying too much in sun will cause damage to your skin. Do not forget to wear brimmed hats, sunglasses and sun screen lotion with SPF of at least 15.

  1. Detoxify and cleanse your body naturally

Full-day activities and varied environment exposure leads to toxin buildup in the body. This not only damages your body but causes aging too soon. Detoxify your body with juice prepared at home and increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and eliminate toxins out of your body – free of cost and naturally. Add a lemon juice to your plain glass of water. This will start cleansing your system form the very morning.

  1. Go for natural skin products

All of us have different skin – dry, oily or both depending on the season. Using expensive and high branded skintips for healthy skin products does not mean that you are getting rid of all the dirt, wrinkles blemishes, etc., instead you are loading your skin with harmful and toxic chemicals. The best way to select the right skincare product is to rush for the label, which entails all the contained ingredients. Mild moisturizers do well for summers, while thicker ones are good for winters. So choose wisely!

  1. Go for non-toxic cleaning products

If anyone says that choose non-toxic cleaning products for your skin, but is it that easy to select one and use? Why not to use homemade cleaning products, which would be both safe to use and not expensive. The skin absorbs all that comes on it, so go gentle.

  1. Get enough of vitamin C

Vitamin C is naturally present in many foods and is water soluble. It is helpful in biosynthesis of collagen, acts a potent antioxidant and boosts your immune function. To get rid of blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles and discoloration, consume a vitamin C rich diet. All citrus fruits, cabbage, kiwi, red pepper, green pepper, spinach, tomato, etc. are few examples of foods rich in vitamin C.

  1. Eat fats good for your health

Both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for you. Avocados, walnuts, olives, natural peanut butter, flaxseeds, soymilk, tofu, nuts (pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and macadamia nuts), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower and sesame) and fatty fish (herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, trout and tuna) are few examples of healthy fats. Remember, not all fats are bad – some are good, some lay in-between and some are really bad!

  1. Avoid having sugary foods

Sugar causes damage to your collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles and dullness. To get a clear healthy skin, quit sugar for few days. You will notice the change yourself. You will be surprised to see vanished blemishes, blackheads, shiny skin along with reduced waistline. Free your skin from inflammation, redness and rashes and free radicals too.

  1. Engage in social activities to lower down your anxiety and stress

Networking, social activities and practicing yoga and meditation with same group people will not only energize your system but will make you happy. The happier you feel the clear and glowing skin you have. Let not stress take toll on your skin. Talk openly to your friends; share your troubles and worries. See a changed inside-out you.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Increased inflammatory response, more acne, itchy and dry skin, increased skin sensitivity, eczema and psoriasis are few problems caused when you are not taking enough sleep. Sleep is the time when your skin gets time to repair and rejuvenate itself. So make it a habit to sleep for 7–9 hours daily for a glowing complexion and skin. Nothing will help your look if you do not get enough sleep. Right diet and right timings of sleeping are best for your skin and makes you look even younger.

  1. Remove makeup before pulling your sheets

Remember to wipe off the makeup before bed time. When you sleep, your skin breathes. If you do not remove your makeup, your skin pores will remain closed and promotes the growth of yeast on your skin, as many products are laid down with harsh chemicals attracting dirt and thus clog your skin pores causing acne and pimples. So don’t you think it is essential to remove all the makeup with mild cleansing milk or a cotton ball with olive oil?

  1. Of all, exercise regularly

Must be thinking that how exercising can help your skin. Foremost, understand that exercising and physical activities increase the nutrients and oxygen circulation in the body. This helps in flushing out of toxins via sweat. Thus, you get a clearer and firmer healthy skin. Remember to smile always – it is the best facial exercise.

With above 13 tips, get healthy skin naturally. To know more about uses of various herbal and homemade skin products, give a missed call to NextDoorLab on 0124-222-3197. Our dermatologists are eager to hear from you and resolve your queries. You can also visit to know more and adapt easily healthy habits in few minutes and surprise everyone around you!

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