Foods to Increase Metabolism

Foods to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is the sum of all the chemical reactions taking inside the body. It includes catabolism and anabolism. It is life’s one of the most important activity. The main purposes behind it include elimination of harmful wastes, production of energy through food and formation of carbs, fats, proteins, lipids and nucleic acid from the food. This activity allows an organism to grow, reproduce, structure maintenance and responds to the external environment. It includes activities form food digestion to transfer of substances to the different cells of the body.

This outlines the necessity of this process in a living organism. Surprisingly, there are foods that increase metabolism. For that, you need to introduce eating and lifestyle changes in your routine, allowing your body to run efficiently, achieve fitness goals and shed pounds.

The metabolism boosting foods includes fish, lean meat, egg whites,milk, yogurt, water, coffee, green tea, coconut oil, cinnamon, curry leaves, ginger, apple cider vinegar, chocolate, seeds and nuts like almonds, chili peppers, jalapenos, spices like turmeric, whole grains, lentils, leafy greens, natural coolers like cucumbers and melons, vitamin C rich food like grapefruit, lemon and berries,and vitamin D enriched foods like tofu, mushrooms and soya milk.

Lifestyle solutions apart from metabolism boosting foods include

1. Have lower glycemic index (GI), high-protein foods: to keep your sugar levels and insulin steady.

2. Have the right supplements: there are few pills that can kick your metabolism apart from the food. Ashwagandha and rodiola are helpful in reduced adrenal stress glands. Nettle tea is another great option as a supplement, as it is full of vitamins required by your body.

3. Have right number of meals per day: at least have 5-6 meals every day. Concentrate on your plate portion to avoid overeating or under eating.

4. Calculate the calorie intake for your body type and activity, if possible: if you are fond of work outs and taking less food, this will lead to starvation mode. Your body metabolism will go down.

5. Face the sun every morning: early morning sunlight is the best and you should be taking it to increase metabolism.

6. Choose to have more organics: to attain the maximum benefits contained within veggies and fruits is to select organics whenever possible. The cleaner are your vegetables and fruits, the better clean-up team you are offering to your body.

7. Work out for best results: a way to lower down your anxiety and stress levels. It will greatly boost your metabolism. Foods and pills are just not enough. If you are not a gym person, then do not worry because brisk walk will do alone.

8. Have proper amount of sleep: sleep is the best medium for recharging your body and self-repair. Lack of sleep results in slower metabolism. From now on, make it your goal to have 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

9. Let your stress fall: stress is not good at all from hair fall to bad and poor metabolism. Higher stress levels will lead to obesity, high blood pressure and many other health-related problems. So better lower your stress by practicing activities that help you like meditation and yoga to have a good and regulated metabolism.

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