Lesser Known Nutritional Benefits Of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is the flowering plant and its roots are widely used as a medicine and a spice. It belongs to the genus Zingiber. It is known to have been originated on Indian subcontinent. In India, it shows the largest variation at gene level.

The nutritional package of ginger comprises of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folates, C and E), electrolytes (potassium and sodium) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese and magnesium).

Some lesser known health benefits of Ginger are explained below:-

  1. Boosts immunity – ginger is used since ages for treating common colds and flu. Hence, it is a powerful immune system booster. Ginger combined with honey and lemon juice is the best remedy for colds. It also helps in warming body in colds and enhances sweating because it contains thermo genic properties.
  1. Soothes migraines and menstrual pain – ginger helps in treating migraines by blocking prostaglandins. Having ginger tea at the onset of the migraine pain and blocks it by stifling the prostaglandins, thus stops nausea and dizziness.
  1. Pain reliever – fresh ginger juice applied topically on the burns provides instant relief. Ginger oil helps in getting rid of any pain like joints pain and back pain. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties help in arthritis.
  1. Aids in digestion – it is a great carminative and stimulant. It helps in eliminating intestinal gas to prevent intestinal bloating and flatulence. Its spasmolytic properties help in relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles and soothe upset stomach. It also aids in digestion by increasing the saliva flow when its slices sprinkled with salt are eaten before having meals. After having a large and full meal, have ginger tea to reduce and prevent bloating and flatulence.
  1. Heals the heart – ginger is high in mineral content and anti-inflammatory properties, thus used for curing heart diseases. Its therapeutic properties strengthen the heart, while its oil prevents and treats heart problems. In addition, it lowers cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation, prevents blocked arteries and regulates blood pressure.
  1. Anti-tumor properties – ginger halts the cancer cells proliferation without affecting normal cells. Thus, it helps in prevention from cancer. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer can be prevented and cured with ginger. It also inhibits many cancer forms: rectal cancer, melanoma, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. It contains an anti-cancer pharmaceutical – beta-elemene – that is used to treat cancer.
  1. Powerful anti-inflammatory – ginger contains a great anti-inflammatory compound called gingerols.
  1. Anti-diabetic performance – ginger powder has significant effect in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics. Ginger extracts help in glucose uptake (increased) from muscle cells without using insulin. Since it has a very low glycemic index, it breaks down slowly to form glucose preventing rise in sugar levels. It increases insulin release and insulin sensitivity.
  1. Relieves respiratory disorders – ginger inhibits the enzyme that chokes airway muscles and activates other enzymes that work on relaxing the airways. Thus, it helps in treating asthma.
  1. Potent antioxidant – ginger helps in protection of lipids from peroxidation and DNA damage, as it possesses antioxidant properties. It prevents free radicals formation. Thus, it reduces the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and many more.

Consuming fruits and vegetables have prolonged positive and healthy effects on human health with reduced risks of any medical problem/condition. It is a pungent, spicy and aromatic spice. Include it to your diet – add to food while cooking, have ginger tea, have it raw with salt, drink with warm water and lemon juice or any other way you like it. It is available round the year. Prepare a paste of ginger and store for yearlong use. It has unlimited benefits and work from stomach, intestines, brain to nervous system. It has prized as a food and medicine by Indian, Asian and Arabic healers.

Good nutrition and vitamins do not directly cure disease, the body does. You provide the raw materials and the inborn wisdom of your body makes the repairs.

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