Best Fruits for Diabetics To Eat

Fruits to Eat in Diabetes

Diabetes? Our first reaction on hearing this word gives us a shock. After this, we start bestowing our own assumptions: what to do and what not, what to eat and what not, and so on. But are we seriously that aware of the facts to advice someone correctly, without flaws? We easily say to a diabetes patient to avoid fruits because they are naturally sweet, but this is not everything a fruit has. Fruits and fruit juices are equally important to a diabetic like any other food. It is true that all fruits contain natural sugar, but they also contain important vitamins, minerals and fiber. Let us understand how and what are they.

Fruits and vegetables are good for all because they help in reducing the risk of developing any health problem like high blood pressure, chronic illness, strokes, heart diseases, obesity, etc. The components and potent chemicals present in fruits are so specific that they help in reducing and preventing diabetes. In addition to this, fruits contain dietary fiber – both soluble and insoluble –, which helps in regular bowel movements. This means that for diabetes patients, fruits are more important than any other healthier person is. Therefore, cutting down the fruit portion out of the meal plan is a big mistake. Important to not here is that while relying on fruit rich meal plan, taking care of the portion size becomes important. This will help you in satisfying your sweet tooth and your cravings for fruits, if you love them.

People who love having desserts after their meal can have fruit salad or a pick a fresh fruit. The best way of having fruits is to choose the fresh ones form the market. Keep canned fruits as last option to have. If you are a fruit juice fanatic, then prefer having a small glass of it without any added sugar or sweetener or artificial flavors. The only drawback of having fruit juice is the reduced content of dietary fibers in them. Do not make it a practice of having a small glass daily but sometimes or alternate days. Do not make a small glass to two for a day. This will simply add on to the carbohydrate intake. In long-term, this will result in increased blood sugar levels and weight gain.

What fruits are good for diabetes patients?

Kiwi, black jamun, white jamun, star fruit, guava, cherries, peaches, berries, apples, pineapples, pears, papaya, figs, oranges, watermelon, grapefruit, pomegranate, cantaloupe, jackfruit and amla – these are the top best, easily available and nutritious fruits any diabetes patient can have. These all are colorful and healthy fruits that hold a rich place in your diabetes diet. Switching to fresh and whole fruits will provide you with the required nutrients and fulfillment of the need and avoid fruit juices.

Do not afraid to have your favorite fruit now. Enjoy it to the last bite and keep your sweet tooth alive!

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